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The Armadillos.

The home of:
Angry Armadillos (Gen1) Doomed Armadillos (Gen2)

With the launch of our gen 2 collection, great utilities was added for all holders for both Gen 1 and Gen 2! Staking, alpha calls, our $DILLO token and much more to further advance and expand the Dillo Universe!

The Armadillos Brand

Gone are the days when NFTs were merely an image – BENEFITS and UTILITIES are clearly the present and the future! In The Armadillos’ world to own an NFT will mean not only that you have a kick-ass profile picture, but also that you reap plenty of long-term benefits!


First cross-chain SOL NFT project. Bridging ETH & SOL together!


Stake your Armadillos and earn yield tokens as rewards!


PFR gaming. Rank on the leaderboards to earn rewards!


Claim your part of our monthly Treasury Chest by using the $DILLO token!

The Tale of the dillos - First Gen

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The beginning…
On the planet EL-12, human inhabitants have been all but eradicated through war, leaving only the remnants of once great societies. The planet’s environments are harsh, being primarily desert, and day and night cycles vary in length from between 30-40 hours. EL-12 does have some breathtaking scenery as well, there are volcanoes, forests, and ice caps. All however, are surrounded by the desert, like an ocean. 

Within this desert, one species rules supreme, one that was brought here by the humans, but now thrives as if native. 

The Angry Armadillos.

Genesis roadmap.

Scroll down to read our Roadmap for 2022 including the launch of our new generation – Doomed Armadillos!

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01 - community wallet

75% of secondary market royalties will go back into the community wallet. Depending on the accumulative size of the wallet, holders will through their voting rights decide on what feasible projects or causes the community funds will go to.

02 - Free airdrops

Free airdrops to holders! Again, we’ll let the community come with ideas, and holders will get voting rights leading up to this stage as to what the theme and art for future airdrops will be.

03 - blue chip nfts

Another way to earn money by holding an Angry Armadillo will be through fractional ownership of blue chip NFTs. Community and project funds will also go to buying and selling the most sought after, and value increasing NFTs on the market. The more Dillos held, the larger the fractional ownership.

04 - Crypto Crypt

Everyone holding an Angry Armadillo will be granted
access to the Crypto Crypt, a closed alpha group where
an immense amount of time and resources will be put
into researching and finding high yield NFTs and coins. 

05 - Charities

As our cornerstones for the Angry Armadillo project is art, community, and (of course) our love for armadillos. These are three areas we continuously will make charitable contributions to. Projects will include: supporting artist networks, anti-bullying organizations around the world, and wildlife rescue funds.

Team Of Superheroes

We’re here to blend our vision with yours…

Master Armadillo

Marketing specialist with an MBA in High Achievement. Tell him something can’t be done and he’ll make you eat your words – unseasoned. 

Optimus dillo

Visionary with an attention to detail. Spends his waking hours in the crypto space, and his sleeping hours dreaming about it.


Well let’s be honest, without him all you would’ve gotten would be a blank square.


Insanely talented blockchain developer who doesn’t need ANY sleep. No wonder he’s angry. Rumor has it he was the one making the armadillos angry too..

Roadmap 2022

Our updated Roadmap revealed after mint of Gen1.
This includes the main events for this year!

Green Radioactive

A New Generation

The Doomed Armadillos will launch in the month of March. The new collection will have completely new traits, and will include elements tied to the meteor that hit the planet.

All holders of The Angry Armadillos will receive a Free Mint Pass based on the amount held. The more Angry Armadillos held, the more Free Mints.

First cross-chain Solana NFT project

We will be bridging SOL & ETH together through a bridge on our website. It will have no effect on you as a holder in terms of complexity but will benefit the project greatly. You will seamlessly be able to bridge your NFT over to the Polygon network (which is on the Ethereum blockchain via EVM) through our website at 0 transactions fees (<0.1 $).

This means that we’re opening up the floodgates to some BIG investors on ETH. Our staking and more will be on Polygon (ETH) and if you simply want your NFT back on the Solana blockchain so that you’re able to sell it on Solana-based secondary markets, you can do this on our website in less than a minute with virtually no fees at all!


Staking & Token

In Q2 we will launch our own staking platform integrated into your website. You will be able to stake your Angry Armadillos [Gen 1] & your Doomed Armadillos [Gen 2].

You will be rewarded in our native utility token $DILLO which from the get-go can be used to claim your rewarded part of our monthly Treasury Chest.
When you stake an NFT from the genesis collection you will receive a multiplier.

PFR - Play For Rewards - Games

As part of our new brand- and project initiatives, we will be launching a series of PFR games exclusively available for holders. Both Gen 1s and Gen 2s will have access to the games. Play For Rewards is based around a leaderboard and high-score setup, where the best players on a weekly & monthly basis will be rewarded with various prizes like SOL, NFTs, and more! Much more info on this soon!


Q3 & Q4 2022 | Further Expansion of The Brand

As indicated above, The Armadillos is not a half-year project, but rather a long-term brand in the Metaverse. And this is what we live and breathe for. Our dreams and goals go beyond traditional NFT project utilities and short-term goals. We’re here to stay – for the long-term! Ideas below are things on the drawing board.


Bridging the Physical World & The Metaverse

We want to create a merch store for The Armadillos brand. Create unique products that can display The Armadillos beyond the digital world. Posters, caps, clothing, phone accessories. We see the brand reach a whole new audience through this.

Cardgame P2E Game

We’ve been in talks with amazing game designers to create a P2E Armadillo card game. Combine different decks and get power-ups based on your Armadillos. Breed the different Gens together and receive limited advantages in-game. Different seasons with various new decks. Packs. Battle-pass. The possibilities are endless, and we see The Armadillos being a perfect fit for a game like this.


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